Plantronics Bluetooth Micro USB Charger

Plantronics Bluetooth Micro USB Charger

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Plantronics  Bluetooth Micro USB Charger

Connect your cell phone to this new, original Plantronics wall charger and plug it into any wall outlet to get powered up and to give your weak or dead battery a much-needed charge.  Its built-in IC chip prevents overcharging and short circuit, thereby protecting your cell phone.  It is adaptable to all voltage requirements throughout the US, Europe and Asia  (100~240v),  giving you the convenience of easy access when you’re on the go.  High-quality, portable and stylish, this Plantronics wall charger is the perfect replacement for the original, and great as a spare for travel use.


Motorola H12, H15, H17, H270, H680, H681, H685, H690, H710, H720, H721, H780, HK202, T215

Plantronics Discovery 925, Discovery 975, Explorer 210, Explorer 220, Explorer 220, Explorer 220 , Explorer 230, Explorer 240, Explorer 243, Explorer 390,Explorer 395, Voyager 835, Voyager 855, Voyager Pro, Voyager Pro Plus


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