Samsung Original Car Charger CAD300MBE

Samsung Original Car Charger CAD300MBE

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Samsung Original Car Charger  CAD300MBE

The Samsung Car Power Charger gives you the charging performance needed while traveling in your vehicle. An original Samsung car charger.

*Prices include default packaging which in most cases is a poly bag, additional packaging is normally available on request.


Samsung: Samsung Drift, Samsung Heat, Samsung M620, Samsung R510, Samsung SCH-U740, Samsung SGH-A437, Samsung SGH-A707, Samsung SGH-A717, Samsung SGH-A727, Samsung SGH-D800, Samsung SGH-D806, Samsung SGH-D807, Samsung SGH-D820, Samsung SGH-D840, Samsung SGH-D900, Samsung SGH-E900, Samsung SGH-E906, Samsung SGH-i607, Samsung SGH-P300, Samsung SGH-P850, Samsung SGH-P858, Samsung SGH-T219, Samsung SGH-T329, Samsung SGH-T509, Samsung SGH-T519, Samsung SGH-T629, Samsung SGH-T809, Samsung SGH-X820, Samsung SPH-M610, Samsung U600


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