Utstarcom Travel Charger CNR75

Utstarcom Travel Charger CNR75

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Utstarcom Travel Charger CNR75

PCD AT&T Quickfire OEM Home/Travel Charger – Affordable and lightweight, this AC wall unit travel charger for your cellular phone is perfect for home or the office. Just plug it into any handy outlet to quickly charge your Cell Phone battery. Conveniently pocket-sized, this unit eliminates the need to carry around bulky charging units. It will rapidly charge a Cell Phone battery in about 2 hours, and its special built-in smart IC chip allows it to remain plugged into an outlet without damaging the Cell Phone battery. As an added feature, this unit can also power the phone while you talk. Compatible with NiCD, NiMH, Li-ion and polymer equipped phones. This item is compatible with the PCD AT&T Quickfire GTX75


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