LG SGDY0014301 Micro-USB Data Cable (2.0)

LG SGDY0014301 Micro-USB Data Cable (2.0)

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LG SGDY0014301 Micro-USB Data Cable (2.0)

LG SGDY0014301, SGDY0013701 Micro USB data cable allows you to connect your cell phone to your PC computer and transfer data files while charging your cell phone.
Organize digital files (for example music, images, and contacts) on your PC, then transfer files directly to your cell phone using this cable. (file types are limited by your cell phone model).

LG Micro-USB
, 220C, Apex, ARENA, AX155, AX265, AX275, AX300, AX380 Wave, AX500 Swift, AX585 Rhythm, AX830, AX840 Tritan, Axis, Banter Touch, CE110, CF360, CF750 Secret, CP150, CT810 Incite, CU515, CU915 VU, CU920 Vu, Encore, Fathom VS750, G-Slate, GD570 dLite, GD710 Shine 2, GR500, GR500 Xenon, GS170, GS390 Prime, GS505 Sentio, GU292, GU295, GW820, Invision, KE970, KG800, KP570, LN240 Remarq, LN510 Rumor Touch, LX265 Rumor 2, LX290, LX370, LX400, LX400(Nextel), LX570 Muziq, LX600 Lotus, LX610, LX610 Lotus Elite, ME770, Neon, Octane, Optimus M, Optimus S, Optimus T, Optimus U, Optimus V, P505 Phoenix, P506 Thrive, P999 G2x, Quantum, Shine 2, UN200 Saber, US760 Genesis, UX220, UX260, UX265, UX280 Wine, UX300, VN150 Revere, VN250 Cosmos, VN251 Cosmos 2, VN270 Cosmos Touch, Vortex, VS740 Ally, VS910 Revolution, Vu Plus, VX5500, VX5600 Accolade, VX7100 Glance, VX8360, VX8500 Chocolate, VX8550, VX8560 Chocolate 3, VX8575 Chocolate Touch, VX8600, VX8610 Decoy, VX8800 Venus, VX9100 EnV2, VX9200 EnV3, VX9600 Versa, VX9700 Dare, VX10000 Voyager, VX11000 EnV Touch, Xenon


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