HTC CNR5310 Travel Charger

HTC CNR5310 Travel Charger

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HTC CNR5310 Travel Charger


HTC CNR5310, TC P300, 79H00082-03M Dual Voltage AC Travel Charger rapid charges your HTC Series Mini USB and many other mini USB Phone Models.
  • HTC CNR5310, TC P300, 79H00082-03M travel battery chargeris designed & built specifically for most Mini USB and HTC Series Mini USB Phone Models.
  • Use this compact & economical 110-240 Volt AC rapid rate battery charger for a quick battery charge. Convenient Folding Prongs.
  • Includes DICU6700 Mini USB Data Cable!
  • HTC CNR5310, TC P300, 79H00082-03M battery charger can operate your cell phone when attached to a rechargeable cell phone battery, even if the battery is discharged.
  • HTC 6700, 6800, 6900, 8100, 8125, 8525, 8925, G1, HERO, MDA, TILT, FUZE, MYTOUCH 3G, SHADOW 2009, TOUCH PRO, DIAMOND, XV6850, XV6950


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